WORK AT Befitlab: BE 100% YOURSELF

Befitlab provides you with a challenging and exciting learning environment. Here, you can use my knowledge and experience to contribute to the development of business and operational strategies. You work at Befitlab is highly valued and can have a direct impact on results and growth.

Befitlab vision: build a global professional testing and certification service platform!

Befitlab mission: through the best active and effective services, to solve the system, testing, registration problems!

Befitlab service aim: professional, fair and efficient!

Befitlab values: to serve customers to pay no less than anyone's efforts, the long-term struggle for the people!



1.   Affect people's lives

Our employees are full of enthusiasm and strength, knowing the importance of our work and how our work affects people's lives.

In our business, our services directly affect millions of people.

In Africa, you can be one of us to test clean water for remote mountain villages. In Brazil, you can see us testing beef, so that people can eat with peace of mind. In the United States, maybe you can test seeds for farmers Ensure safe and healthy crops with the highest output. Whether you are working in the front line of a business department, or in the support department or corporate headquarters, your work can involve all aspects of daily life.

2.   Comprehensive onboarding plan

As our global induction program, SHINE provides guidance for new employees on the first day, week, and month to ensure a good start, so that they can successfully integrate into Befitlab as soon as possible.

3. Competitive salary package

4 .Career Development

We view career development as a bridge between employee success and business success.

We view career development as a shared commitment to corporate growth and personal success. Successful career development depends on your enthusiasm, energy and desire to learn and grow, as well as the development opportunities we provide.

5. Passion and trust

Every year, we invite many employees to participate in employee engagement surveys.

By collecting feedback in a transparent way, leaders and managers can accurately understand our work strengths, problems and areas of improvement (management methods, recognition, diversity, culture, collaboration, customer orientation, etc.).

6.Sustainable development

Employees are Befitlab's most valuable asset and the cornerstone of our success. Befitlab values the contribution of each and every employee to the development of the organization, so we are committed to creating a safe, inclusive and diverse work environment that supports the sustainable career development of each and every employee, and their success contributes to the sustainable development of Befitlab.

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