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Bone nail bone plate

Fracture internal fixation is an ideal alternative to traditional plaster and splint. The American society of plastic surgeons (AAOS) ranked internal fixation as the "major medical advance of the 20th century".

Medical plates and screws are used to fix various injuries and diseases in the body. Befitlab provides nondestructive testing of nail plates in accordance with various ASTM standards and customer-specific testing protocols.

Angle plate test

ASTM F 384: standard and test method for metal-angled of orthopedic fracture fixation devices.

Bone screw test

ASTM F 543: specification and test method of metal medical bone screws.

Specification and test method of external bone fixation apparatus

ASTM F 1541: standard specification and test methods of external bone fixation devices.

Fretting corrosion test of bone plate

ASTM F 897: standard test method for measuring fretting corrosion of composite plates and screws.

Bone plate bend test

ISO 9585: determination for bend strength and stiffness of bone plates.

Intramedullary nail test

ASTM F 383: standard specification for static bend and torsion test of intramedullary rods.

ASTM F 1264: standard specification and test methods for intramedullary fixation devices.

ISO 15142: systems for metal intramedullary nail,1 to 3 parts.

Bone nail test

ASTM F 564: standard specification and test method for metal nail.

Implantable wire test

ASTM F 2180: standard specification for metal-implanted wire and cable.

Biology can explain bone plate and bone screw test

ASTM F2502: standard specification and test method for bioabsorbable plates and screws of internal fixation implants.