Automotive Mechanical Testing

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At Befitlab, we understand being at the forefront of testing innovation for the automotive industry is imperative to staying ahead. We are committed to providing innovative, quick turnaround and reliable testing intelligence for today’s automotive engineering demands.

Befitlab is a world leader in automotive mechanical testing. As automotive materials advance and become more complex in structure, the need for accurate, comprehensive testing of these materials continues to grow.

Befitlab laboratory provides all-inclusive testing for a wide variety of non-metallic and metallic materials, offering standardized and custom testing solutions. Befitlab provides superior technology, responsive versatility, and quality performance ensuring reliable and fast turnaround.

Mechanical Testing Services:

·   Load Control Fatigue Testing

·   Strain Control Fatigue Testing

·   Tensile Testing

·   Compression Testing  

·   Impact Testing

·   Drop-Weight Testing

·   Double Shear Test

·   Bend Testing

·   Stress Rupture/Creep Rupture

·   Hydrogen Embrittlement Test

·   Static Notch Testing